Fireworks at the EBDC

There was clearly some pent up energy after folks were blocked from their attempts by the elevated AQI two weekends ago. As predicted, Fun ghi demonstrated why he won in such dominant fashion in 2018 by throwing down a 45 minute composite time to take the lead by 3 minutes (reportedly on a full-squish mountain bike, no less). Jason Tang, another young gun like Dan English, we’re told, went all out to notch into third overall! Two minutes now separate 2nd from 5th place in the KOM hunt. With one weekend left to go, we can anticipate some further attempts and shake up on the leaderboard.

In the QOM hunt, Gabriella Stern had a huge effort to rack up second, while high schooler (and C510jr!) Ella Peterson completed the five segments just 43 seconds slower to drift into 3rd currently. Kristen V continues with her commanding lead in the QOM race and is currently 6th overall! With 1 weekend left of racing, she looks fairly safe on the top podium step.

Every registered participant will receive a limited edition 2020 EBDC buff. Top finishers from both categories will receive prizes from our sponsors. More information to follow on this at the end of this coming weekend.

The weather on tap for the final weekend shows temps in the mid-80s on Saturday with some cooler weather in the mid-70s on Sunday. This is the final showdown. Have fun, be safe and send it!

Thank you!

Your friends at C510

Epic Battles

After an ugly weekend for riding resulting from poor air quality, some heavy hitters were back out on the course this week. We saw Dan English (reportedly born AFTER 2004!) take over the top spot on the podium, completing the 5 segments in 48 minutes. Not to be outdone, Taos Ono came back today and gave it another swing, besting his time from his last attempt, coming in at 49 minutes. Incredible effort from these two. On the women’s side, 2018 and 2019 winner Jenny Wong gave it another whack shaving off several minutes and slotting into second. Kristen V, not content with her fairly safe 1st place sent it again to shave off 2 more minutes and go 52 minutes, which puts her 4th overall. Inspiring riding out on the course! Rumor has it that 2018 winner and 3rd place finisher Ryan Gorman and Josh Dapice have registered but not yet ridden the course, so we likely have yet to come to the end of this story.

As of today we are stoked to report that the 2020 version of the East Bay Dirt Classic has raised nearly $27,000 for the Alameda County Community Food Bank thanks to all of our participants and generous donors. We at C510 are incredibly grateful to all of you for helping support the ACCFB at this critical time.

Finally, we have decided to extend the deadline one more week until October 18th, as we know many of you were prevented from making attempts last weekend by the dangerous air quality.

The prizes are rolling in for our top contenders from the likes of Almanac Brewing, Hofkuche, Sports Basement, Capo and Mikes Bikes! Get out there, be safe and have fun!

Your friends at C510

Big Opening Weekend for the 2020 EBDC!

First, thank you all for registering and supporting the Alameda County Community Food Bank. So far we have raised North of $8,500. These contributions go directly to the ACCFB and help them provide critical assistance to those Alameda county residents who face food insecurity daily.

Second, the leaderboard is up and running. Congratulations to Kristen V and Taos Ono for setting the fastest female and male times thus far, both on the opening day. They currently hold the QOM and KOM spots, respectively. There are just under two weeks remaining to get out there and give it your best shot. Prizes are rolling in from our sponsors for the top 3 spots in each category.

Finally, we have heard that some of the segments can be challenging to find or it can be easy to get off course during a segment. We recommend reviewing the segment descriptions (scroll down for these), looking at the Strava post or downloading the GPX or TCX files onto your GPS computer for turn by turn directions and if possible pre-riding some of the sections to get comfortable with the course.

Stay healthy and safe and good luck!