We have a race on our hands…

Here we are nearing the end of week one and there are two surprises at this point:

1) I don’t have an inbox full of emails about the difficulty of route-finding. I hope this means that most have found the route without too much difficulty. It could also be that I have mail-forward set up to send my emails to Hightowah during the riding period. Either way, I hope some of the details sent out this past week have helped.

2) That guy James Kinney is fast. I mean we may actually have a race on our hands this year. He bested the 2nd place time by 10 minutes. Now I know one sure thing about this event having watched it play out over the last couple of years: Fun Ghi will be throwing down some time in the next week. But he now has a high mark to shoot for. Well done James! There is rumored to be at least one other very fast cyclist jumping in next week to keep things interesting and I’m sure there are many others we have yet to meet who are getting ready to give it a go. Good thing I didn’t etch Fun Ghi’s name onto the belt buckle yet this year…

On the Women’s side, Piedmont High School coach Sally Aldridge holds the fastest time currently. Knowing Sally she’ll be out on course again in the next few days besting her current fast time.

Once again the weather looks prime for some great riding this weekend. The nighttime fog has decreased the dust so the dirt should be primo. Do your homework on the course and head out there and have fun!

– Your friends at C510