It is on like Donkey Kong! Last minute notes…

Tomorrow is the big day everybody!

Get your bad self and your bike over to 5656 Weaver Place, Oakland, CA 94619 before 9:00am in order to register, attend the riders meeting, and join the neutral roll-out. Registration starts at 8:00am. Please park on Skyline, and not on Weaver Place!

Don’t forget to pack a swimsuit and a towel!

Some answers to FAQ:

  • yes! you can check in a bag before the event
  • considering gravel bike or MTB? we say go with MTB
  • we’ll have a Strava leaderboard for the mass-ride, but will not be using that to pick the fastest riders – there will be folks at the end marking your arrival time.
  • you can purchase raffle tickets at the BBQ
  • you can do the mass start, even if you just marked yourself down for the virtual ride