Epic Battles

After an ugly weekend for riding resulting from poor air quality, some heavy hitters were back out on the course this week. We saw Dan English (reportedly born AFTER 2004!) take over the top spot on the podium, completing the 5 segments in 48 minutes. Not to be outdone, Taos Ono came back today and gave it another swing, besting his time from his last attempt, coming in at 49 minutes. Incredible effort from these two. On the women’s side, 2018 and 2019 winner Jenny Wong gave it another whack shaving off several minutes and slotting into second. Kristen V, not content with her fairly safe 1st place sent it again to shave off 2 more minutes and go 52 minutes, which puts her 4th overall. Inspiring riding out on the course! Rumor has it that 2018 winner and 3rd place finisher Ryan Gorman and Josh Dapice have registered but not yet ridden the course, so we likely have yet to come to the end of this story.

As of today we are stoked to report that the 2020 version of the East Bay Dirt Classic has raised nearly $27,000 for the Alameda County Community Food Bank thanks to all of our participants and generous donors. We at C510 are incredibly grateful to all of you for helping support the ACCFB at this critical time.

Finally, we have decided to extend the deadline one more week until October 18th, as we know many of you were prevented from making attempts last weekend by the dangerous air quality.

The prizes are rolling in for our top contenders from the likes of Almanac Brewing, Hofkuche, Sports Basement, Capo and Mikes Bikes! Get out there, be safe and have fun!

Your friends at C510