2022 East Bay Dirt Classic BBQ and Awards Ceremony

On Saturday October 15th our annual East Bay Dirt Classic barbeque and awards presentation for all registered competitors kicks off at 12 PM. Top riders will be eligible for awards and there will be many other awards on hand from our sponsors for raffle winners.

Some important information about the barbeque:

  • Date: Saturday October 15th, 2022
  • Racing ends at 1 pm sharp. Any finishers completing the course after 1 pm will not be included on the leaderboard nor considered for awards.
  • The barbeque will start and the kegs from our generous sponsors East Brother Beer Co and Fieldwork Brewing will be tapped at 12 PM.
  • Awards and raffle winners will be announced at 2 pm.
  • Address: 5656 Weaver Place, Oakland, CA 94619
  • PARKING: PLEASE DO NOT PARK ON WEAVER PLACE OR DENTON PLACE. Please park along Skyline BLVD and walk down Weaver Place to the barbeque.
  • Feel free to bring a bathing suit. There is a pool and hot tub.
  • Looking forward to seeing everyone there!

End of Week One

The last rays of sun on the observation area above Bishop’s Walk signal the end of week one. What a week! As a recap, in the KOM competition James Kinney still holds a sizeable lead over new 2nd place holder Ben Arnold who has a 2 minute gap over Alex Peterson.

In the QOM competition, Ekaterina Rakhmatulina took over the top spot by a wide margin today. She had a crushing time last year as well and was on the podium at Wente back in June if I recall correctly. She holds a 12 minute gap over Sally Aldridge in 2nd and 17 minute lead over Rebecca Lewington in 3rd. Lots of time left in this competition, but great to see so many competitors signing up and getting after it.

We’d like to also take this time to thank our sponsors and remind everyone about the great prizes on offer this year. Thanks to our sponsors, some of our cyclists this year will receive:

Enjoy your time out there on the bike in our beautiful local parks. And remember, your participation helps to support the Alameda County Community Food Bank! Hope to see many of your at the post-event party and award presentation next Saturday, October 15th!

– Your friends at C510

We have a race on our hands…

Here we are nearing the end of week one and there are two surprises at this point:

1) I don’t have an inbox full of emails about the difficulty of route-finding. I hope this means that most have found the route without too much difficulty. It could also be that I have mail-forward set up to send my emails to Hightowah during the riding period. Either way, I hope some of the details sent out this past week have helped.

2) That guy James Kinney is fast. I mean we may actually have a race on our hands this year. He bested the 2nd place time by 10 minutes. Now I know one sure thing about this event having watched it play out over the last couple of years: Fun Ghi will be throwing down some time in the next week. But he now has a high mark to shoot for. Well done James! There is rumored to be at least one other very fast cyclist jumping in next week to keep things interesting and I’m sure there are many others we have yet to meet who are getting ready to give it a go. Good thing I didn’t etch Fun Ghi’s name onto the belt buckle yet this year…

On the Women’s side, Piedmont High School coach Sally Aldridge holds the fastest time currently. Knowing Sally she’ll be out on course again in the next few days besting her current fast time.

Once again the weather looks prime for some great riding this weekend. The nighttime fog has decreased the dust so the dirt should be primo. Do your homework on the course and head out there and have fun!

– Your friends at C510